Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baliska Bounty Re-enactment on Solitary Island

The Baliska Bounty Re-enactment Voyage leader, Tasmanian Don McIntyre, visited Solitary Island, midway between Sydney and Coff's Harboour, where a lonely bearded hermi named David Gooden lives.

No doubt David told him the sad story of an earlier settler, Selina Lydia Violet Lottborn.

Lydia was born on March 15.1895, and died on November 17, 1912.

Her father, Arther David Robert William Gow, was the island's principal lighthouse keeper..

Lydi never went to school, as the death certificate states "Home Duties",which back then,was the term for domestic duties/cleaner etc.

Wikipedia has a comprehensive story of the Bligh mutiny:

She became very ill, so a message was sent via the signal station to Coffs Harbour, for a doctor to come immediately. A heavy southerly was blowing but Dr W.H. Wood went across in a small launch. It was impossible to land from the jetty and crane, so Dr.Wood landed on the northern side of the island, first throwing his bag on to the island and then jumping on himself. In doing so, he slipped and by holding on to the slippery rocks tore a number of his finger nails off. The doctor diagnosed the case as very serious, returned to Coffs Harbour, where he sent urgent messages to Sydney for assistance.

The Captain Cook, with a doctor and nurse, was immediately despatched to the island. but a terrific cyclone was raging.and it was three days before the boat reached the island. Lydia died from typhoid/enteric fever and haemorrhage perforation. Dr. Wood last saw her three days before she died.

Lydia was buried at Sandgate Cemetery (Brisbane) on November 25,1912. Cemetery workers put a probe down into the grave to verify that concrete had been used.


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